America Could Go In For Diplomatic Boycott Of Winter Olympics At Beijing’s Poor Human Rights Record

Winter Olympics
White House announces diplomatic boycott of Winter Olympics

The US plans to stage a political boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics protesting against human rights exploitations by China. China has sworn to go in for firm ‘counter measures’ at the planned move which the White House has confirmed.

Hen Psaki, the press secretary at the White House said American athletes though will be present at the games and have the full support of the administration. But the US will not contribute to any display at the games, she added.

At a press briefing on Monday, Psaki said that the US official and diplomatic representatives could no longer consider the Winter Olympics outside the ambit of human rights issues. She cited the overwhelming evidence of China’s appalling human rights atrocities and abuses in Xinjiang province.

Diplomatic Boycott of Winter Olympics Preceded By World Leaders Meet Minus China

She added that the US commits to uphold fundamental human rights. it has a strong position on such issues and would continue to strive for civil liberties in all countries including China.

The announcement of the diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics comes even as the Biden administration prepares to hold a virtual conference for Democracy at the White House. This online assembly of leaders of the world will be a virtual meeting and will take place over two days starting Thursday.

China has not been invited to the summit and in a move that is certain to anger Beijing further, Taiwan has been invited to the summit.

The Biden administration has announced that it plans to utilize the platform to declare individual and shared commitments, initiatives, and reforms in aid of human rights democracy.

Republican leaders have called the diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics not decisive or forceful enough. The President and other American officials have called out Beijing for gross human rights abuse in Xinjiang against the minority Uyghurs, the clampdown on democratic processes in Hong Kong, and aggressive posturing against Taiwan.

There have been multiple allegations of individual human rights abuses, including the suppression of rape charges by Tennis player Peng Shuai. Shuai had accused Zhang Gaoli, a former Vice Premier of raping her at his home, but was later forced to retract her statement publicly.