President Joe Biden Marks The Bar For His Support Towards Ukraine

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s recent visit to Ukraine might have ignited something in Russia, specifically in Putin.US continuous support to Ukraine already made things were between US and Russia.

Which probably cause another grave tension between these two countries. Whereas, Russia is bonding with china, which could possibly bring a more challenging situation to the US. An unwanted ambush and another cut-off would happen. These are the possibilities so far people anticipated. Earlier this month Chinese red air balloon was floating over US territory, which was probably a subtle warning sign from the country to buckle up.

Joe Biden Probably Charged Up His Rival For Worse

US relationship with Russia has been weakening over the past year since the US is giving indomitable support to Ukraine., providing them with proper combat instruments, which costs billions almost. And Biden’s sudden visit to Kyiv, probably made every Ukrainian very happy and especially the president. But there is a slim chance of making Biden’s relationship with Russia tenser.

After his visit to Ukraine, he made it clear that he will be standing beside Ukraine as long as it takes. And Putin has released a statement saying how long is Joe Biden going to stand beside them. Putin released probabilities of more war. The US currently facing a cold war with china. 

Both Russia and China are geared and have challenged Joe Biden or the US as a whole. The war between Ukraine and Russia exposed a lot of weaknesses of both countries, in Ukraine’s case the US tried to cover it up, but there is a doubt about how much damage control could possibly be done by Biden.

These are the foreign problems but Biden is also facing sensitive domestic problems, like snubbing voters, which the republican party is accusing him of.

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