Donald Trump Campaign Demands Share of Funds from GOP Candidates

Donald Trump

In a recent development, Donald Trump’s campaign is demanding a portion of the funds raised by Republican candidates and committees who utilize Trump’s name and likeness for fundraising purposes. According to a letter obtained by CNN, Trump’s campaign managers, Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, have stipulated that at least 5% of the proceeds be allocated to the Trump National Committee JFC.

Donald Trump Demands Funds for Campaign

The letter, dated April 15, emphasizes the importance of this arrangement, indicating that a split higher than 5% would be viewed favorably by both the Republican National Committee and Trump’s campaign leadership. This move coincides with Trump’s intensified fundraising efforts, aimed at closing the financial gap with President Joe Biden’s well-funded operation.

Notably, the letter also outlines guidelines for GOP candidates and committees, urging them to refrain from speaking on behalf of Trump, creating unauthorized memberships or clubs, impersonating Trump or his campaign, and mentioning Trump’s family without proper consent.

Trump’s campaign spokesperson, Danielle Alvarez, emphasized the necessity of safeguarding small-dollar donors from fraudulent schemes misusing the president’s name and image. This initiative aligns with Trump’s previous efforts to protect his brand and name, as evidenced by cease-and-desist letters sent to the RNC and congressional fundraising arms in 2021.

Since becoming the presumptive nominee, Trump has taken a more active role in fundraising, including joint efforts with the RNC, despite the constraints imposed by his ongoing New York criminal trial. This latest move underscores Trump’s continued influence within the GOP and his strategic approach to campaign financing.