Maya Rudolph Shares Story About Her Getting Humiliated And Embarrassed In Her First Time In The David Letterman’s Show

Maya Rudolph
Maya Rudolph

The Bridesmaids actor admitted on The Late Show With David Letterman in ’09 that her “public image muscle was just not strong yet.”

Maya Rudolph looking back at her first time getting interviewed by David Letterman on the sets of CBS in 2009 said that she did not had a great time.

Recalling the incident she said that the host back at that time pronounced her name wrong and she was just sitting there thinking to herself that she grew up being in love with him and at that moment it broke her heart. She said that she was feeling humiliated and embarrassed the whole time.

Maya Rudolph added that she did not know how could she handle the situation as her public persona muscles weren’t strong enough till then.

Maya Rudolph Shares Her Story About Getting Humiliated:

Later on in the program, when Maya Rudolph was appearing to promote her movie Away We Go, Letterman did offer his regrets.

The host admitted wholeheartedly in front of the live audience that he is sorry to have mispronounced her name.

The Baking It star acknowledged that she had trouble with media and red carpet engagements at the beginning of her career.

Maya Rudolph revealed how she always felt that in the showbiz how she always felt someone trying to steal her soul and therefore, she created a public persona that can protect her. Adding to that she said how she become much better over the years and how she always tried to be funny whenever she felt uncomfortable.

Despite spending years inside the spotlight, Maya Rudolph does not view herself as a celebrity.