January 6 Committee Says Extensive Evidence Donald Trump Engaged In Criminal Conspiracy

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The January 6 committee has alleged that enough evidence exists to indicate that Donald Trump indulged in an act of criminal conspiracy to win the 2020 elections. The former President might also have committed fraud by repeating fabricated accounts of stolen elections.

The evidence points to obstruction and attempts to defraud by Donald Trump and several of his close confidantes.

The filing in the California civil case contains the basis of possible criminal charges against the disgraced former president. The committee’s lawyers said that they had enough evidence that demonstrated that Donald Trump, along with John Eastman, the conservative advocate, and numerous other allies deliberately connived to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections.

They said that he could be charged for criminal violations that included obstructing Congress’s official proceeding and also conspiracy intended to deceive the people of America.

There was also evidence that Trump repeated falsehoods that the elections were stolen that could be termed common law fraud.

Committee Has Submitted Extensive Material To Suggest Donald Trump Should Face Criminal Action

The committee has asked the case judge to review behind closed doors all the material submitted and has publicly disclosed just limited evidence.

The committee banked on the detailed and extensive accounts of Trump’s action, conduct, and words to retain office at any cost. There are over 500 interviews with officials from the Justice Department, the state, and close aides of Trump.

There is evidence to suggest that Trump knew he was headed for a loss, indicating that he was aware that he was committing fraud by asserting otherwise.

The panel is a legislative committee and has no authority to charge Donald Trump with a crime. But the filing clearly indicates that the direction taken by the January 6 committee could ultimately force the Justice Department to pursue a criminal case against Donald Trump.