Dysfunctional Congress Cause Of Haste Among Senior Retiring Republicans

Retiring Republicans

Dozens of GOP incumbents have announced that they will not seek re-election in the 2024 presidential elections. While some are running for various offices, others have flatly stated that they intend to retire altogether. And there are many retiring Republicans among them.

The wave of retiring Republicans comes at a time of breathtaking dysfunction in Washington that has been instigated by House GOP members. The last few months have been spent by the Republicans.

The chaos has the retiring Republicans concerned that they could lose their slim House majority in the coming presidential elections. The move by the retiring Republicans has left their colleagues shell-shocked. The list of GOP members stepping down includes rising stars in the party and even powerful committee chairpersons.

Leaders Have Said That The Phenomenon Of Retiring Republicans Was Not Surprising

But the move by the retiring Republicans has also not been surprising for other party leaders. One of the leaders retiring is Representative Ken Buck, Colorado. He said that though they have come in to do serious work, they have failed to do so.

Representative Don Bacon, Nebraska, who represents an important swing seat and is considered a moderate pointed to the struggle among the Republicans to govern as being the key reason for the retiring Republicans.

Bacon informed the press that the job becomes tough when the party is divided in their own conference. The job becomes less enjoyable when the knives are out against their own.

Representative Carlos Gimenez, Florida, who is an ally of Kevin McCarthy, the deposed House Speaker, said that he expected a part of the Republican members to be smarter. The 118th Congress continues to be governed by bitter divisions and deep dysfunction among the Republicans. And this has prompted many within the governing wing to head for the exit.

The retiring Republicans include 5 committee chairs. But several of them have cited other reasons or have said that they are seeking higher office.