Donald Trump Has No Remorse

donald trump

The former president has been charged with multiple felonies. In each and every case Donald Trump has denied it. He has no remorse whatsoever for any wrongdoings. Recently manhattan criminal court has placed an order against him to testify in court, in front of a jury. He pleaded not guilty. He has refused to accept all 34 felonies. It was a historic moment perhaps for the Trump administration.

Donald Trump Was Unaware Of His Charges

While standing in front of the jury in Manhattan district court. Donald Trump heard of his felonies for the first time. Which is equality historic and strange for a former president. Donald Trump believes this situation might have caused issues when he is preparing for the 2024 election of the presidency.

Donald Trump previously denied allegations when two women were accused of hush money. They had extramarital affairs with the former president. He used $130,000 to suppress negative information. Which he believed could have hurt his campaign during the 2016 election.

Donald Trump is least bothered by all the legal charges perhaps. After the hearing, he immediately flew back to Florida. At Mar-a-Lago where he arranged a campaign for his upcoming election in 2024, with his supporters. This is the same place where the FBI raided last year. He made sure his supporters hears his plans for the white house. All the charges that were made against him, did not shake him a bit. Rather he challenged cases to fight with them politically and win.

Donald Trump has a tendency to act innocent, and he did again in court. After the hearing, he gave the media a statement saying something like that never happened in American history. Further, he said, the only thing he did wrong was fighting for his nation, to protect it from harm. Which led him to court perhaps.