The Team Waiting For The Final Green Light From Joe Biden

joe biden

There is no surprise president Joe Biden is gearing up for another round of presidency, however, he is yet to make an official statement. Two years in the white house has taught people to be patient with decisions that are coming from president Joe Biden. And he is revving up for a mega track on the republicans. As the whole nation witnessed how the GOP leaders have caused roadblocks in every decision by the democrats, probably pushing them to the edge.Especially with stimulus checks.

Cheers To Another Round Of Joe Biden

President Biden asked one simple question to the crowd present at the field, he was accompanied by vice president Kamala Harris. He asked ‘Are you with me?’, and the deafening cheer made the answer loud and clear, they do want Joe Biden for another four years. The official team Joe Biden is still waiting for a confirmation from the candidate himself to make a press release.

As the democrats performed well in the mid-election that took place in November. According to Biden and vice president Kamala Harris, they performed better than expected. As a matter of the fact, changes are going to be made toward health costs, historic investments, climate change, and on gun safety legislation. And Joe Biden along with their team focused to build a better and bright future.

Where Americans will not only survive but thrive, this is what Kamala Harris said. Biden is trying very hard to consensus with the republicans, even recently he had a meeting with one of the GOP leaders, Kevin McCarthy.They are full speed ahead to raise the debt limit, Joe Biden has previously said no on various occasions, thus it will take some time to come to a joint decision that could be fruitful to both the parties and the nation.