Donald Trump Losing Court Battles

donald trump

What’s next the 2024 election perhaps? Donald Trump has been trying to block the roads of every official who has filed against him. He has been diligently losing consecutively. He also restricted other officials who wanted to come forward and testify. He has done this before even in the past years. However, previously many attempts also failed. The grand jury won’t let anything happen according to Trump’s plan.

Fifth Columnist Exposing Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s own people are exposing him. All of his white house officials have testified against him. Turing all of their backs against him. Trump has failed to restrict counsel Pat Cipollone and Patrick Philbin from testifying in front of the jury. Including Pence advisers Marc Short and Greg Jacob. Again white house chief of Staff Mark Meadows had appeared in front of a jury and testified against Trump.

All of them have appeared before, and the court has ordered them to appear again in front of the grand jury.

After the judge’s announcement, Mike Pence has been asked by former President Trump.

Obama’s white house counsel Neil also said Tump was perhaps bound to lose all those privileges that the country voted him for. Clearly, he wasn’t worth it. Neil has more experience in the legal field than Trump. And he mentioned it with much confidence.

Trump has previously appealed in front of the judge and tried to protect his documents. He did mishaps with the 2020 election and January 6th capitol attack.

He has lost all those challenges. Now the court has refused to block testimony that Donald Trump has appealed for. Last year tried to intervene in the congressional investigation led by Jack Smith.