Tina Peters Is Under House Arrest

tina peters

On Monday Tina Peters was sentenced to house arrest and community service. She was a former clerk of mesa county. She intervened in a police investigation perhaps which led to charges against her. She was found guilty last month. Not only house detention but also community service. Need maximum amount of community service. She will have a government eye on her 24 hours for four months.

Tina Peters Tried To Use Her Lost Power With The Law

Peters is a former clerk of Mesa County, Colorado. She is also the famous face of the 2020, election denier. She intervened in a government official operation.

Tina Peters supposedly stood in between the officer and the patron. She blocked the table from accessing it. Some said afterward when the news was exposed to the media. She forgot her position perhaps.

Tina Peters resisted when she had been asked to move. She did not pay heed to the officers which made it difficult for them to perform their duty. According to the affidavit.

The officers were doing their job and they had a search warrant. Tina Peters refused to cooperate with them. In fact, she blocked the path between them. They were bound to seize an iPad that Tina Peters tried to block.

She was arrested in February 2022 by the Grand Junction police department. On Monday she has given home detention. An ankle monitor will be tied to her 24*7. Every step will be counted.

Peters also has to do 120 hours of community service in a year. Last but not least she had to pay a $750 fine. Since losing to Anderson she has been doing these out of the ordinary. She has previously claimed fraud in elections again with no concrete evidence.