Venom 2 Trailer Sees The Return Of Tom Hardy In His CGI-Packed Role

It has been a long time coming but a full trailer for the sequel to Venom has finally been released. The sequel is called “Let There Be Carnage”. The latest footage teases another spectacle filled with CGI.

Carnage’s First Appearance Alongside Venom

Tom Hardy will be reprising his role as Eddie Brock, who is also the Venom. Venom is among the most popular antiheroes in Marvel’s collection of characters. The first franchise film for the character was released in 2018 under the direction of Ruben Fleischer. The scheduled date for release for the sequel is 24th September for the theatres. However, the pandemic has caused the release date to bounce around quite a bit. The film will be the latest in Sony’s list of films about Marvel characters.

Andy Serkis, a master in motion capture technology, will be behind the lenses directing the follow-up. The first antihero film was a smash hit in 2018. Critics had been harsh with the comic book character movie featuring Tom Hardy as the infamous villain of Spider-Man. However, that did not stop it from earning a bit more than $850 million when it came to the international box office.

For the sequel to Venom, Michelle Williams will also reprise her role as Anne Weying, Eddie Brock’s love interest. The sequel will see Venom engage in battle with Carnage. Woody Harrelson will play the role. He was first seen in a sequence after the credits had rolled in the first film. Another new character will be Shriek, Carnage’s love interest. The role will be played by Naomie Harris who had won an Oscar nomination for her role in “Moonlight.”

In the original film, the criticism was primarily targeted towards the CGI. The technology is essential for bringing the dynamics of Venom to the screen. As such, expectations are high from Serkis because of his past titles.