Donald Trump’s Claim For Executive Privilege Can Upset The Relation Between WH And Congress

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

As many as three judges in a federal appellate court appeared to be doubtful over letting Donald Trump, the ex-president, invoke his executive privilege with regards to the January 6th Investigation Committee. This week, they indicated, that such privileges can sour the relationship shared by Congress and the present president.

Donald Trump Continues To Influence Presidential Relationships

Among the 3 judges was Patricia Millett. On Tuesday, she said that the Constitution allows only one president. As such, it is the incumbent president who has the most right and judgment to make decisions regarding the nation’s executive branches, like the Supreme Court.

Ketanji Brown Jackson, another judge, added that the final person to decide will be the important factor here. Between the present and former residents of the WH, who has the power to decide whether disclosing presidential records will sever the nation best.

The attorney of Donald Trump presented his argument to the panel in the D.C. Circuit for 3 hours on the morning of Tuesday. Donald Trump’s team attempted to prove that the ex-president should have the power to keep records and conversations from his administration undisclosed and unavailable to the January 6th investigators from Congress who are looking into the Capitol attack.

However, the 3 randomly chosen and Democrat-appointed judges warned that allowing this claim of executive privilege can undercut decisions taken by the present president, which in this case is Joe Biden. Biden had already agreed that the nations will be best served by disclosing the documents being discussed.

Millett was also concerned regarding the pace at which this request of Donald Trump has arrived, shortly after exiting the WH. She also probed the legal team of Donald Trump for their inability to give any specific reason as to why particular documents are to be withheld.