Kelly Tshibaka Endorsed By Trump For Alaska Elections

Kelly Tshibaka
Kelly Tshibaka

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, openly displayed his support towards Kelly Tshibaka, the Senate candidate from the state of Alaska. He further took an oath to campaign against Lisa Murkowski, the Senator from the Republican party. The incident took place this Friday. The background behind the former Republican president going against Murkowski is the fact that she had participated to vote against him following the deadly riot that broke out on the Capitol building on the 6th of January. It ended up killing a total of five people.

Kelly Tshibaka Vs Lisa Murowski

Trump gave a direct statement stating his disapproval against the 64-year-old politician from Alaska. He claimed that she was insufficient for the state and so she had no right to be in charge of anything. Not only that but he also mentioned a few points to incite the people against Murkowski. Rooting for Kelly Tshibaka, he mentioned the incident when Lisa Murkowski cast her vote for Deb Haaland, the Interior Secretary of the acting President Joe Biden.

The former President mentioned that it was Haaland who had taken the decision of suspending the gas and oil drilling leases in the state.  Kelly Tshibaka, one of the former commissioners from the Department of Administration of Alaska, has come out to be the candidate for the supporters of Donald Trump, an alternative for the conservatives.

She had been asked about her views with regard to the claims of the former Republican President concerning the 2020 presidential elections in the month of April. To that, she replied by stating that the outcome of the elections was unknown. Kelly Tshibaka stated that the citizens belonging to the different states had so many questions with regard to the elections, however, there had been no answers to it. She also claimed that she still had some questions like most of the citizens of America.