Vikings Edging Towards The Playoffs

Tennessee Titans

The Minnesota Vikings have been steadily creeping towards the playoffs, and there is no margin for error available to the team anymore. The team knows it, Kirk Cousins knows it, and their coach Mike Zimmer knows it.

This was pretty understandable with Cousins throwing two touchdown passes, and Minnesota comfortably defeating the short-handed and struggling Chicago Bears 17-9 last Monday. But getting complacent should truly be the last thing on their minds now. Despite them having a good day on the field, they still are a part of a tight pack of teams that are all looking at the seven playoff spots for the NFC. 

Vikings Still Have Much Work Ahead of Themselves

The Minnesota Vikings were also in line for having the most lopsided win ever before Justin Fields managed to throw a touchdown pass to Jesper Horsted at the final play of the game. Keeping that score aside, the team from Minnesota managed to shield through several scoring threats brought forth by Chicago down the stretch- as they had been coming off a win over Pittsburgh in which the Minnesota team nearly blew a lead of 29-0. 

The star quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins accepts that there is still room for improvement in the team. As it stands, they will be up against pretty difficult opposition in the next couple of games, and they would need everyone to be on their A-Game- so there is not much room for error, as they get ready to play the best game that they ever have. 

The next three games for the Vikings would be against the Los Angeles Rams at home and at NFC North champion Green Bay before they end up hosting Chicago in the finale.

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