Republicans Fail To Unite As Donald Trump’s Spat With RNC Gets Worse

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Even as the House speaker fracas continues to trouble the Republicans, Donald Trump’s relationship with the Republican National Committee deteriorated. It has degenerated into an open row and highlights the prickly relationship between the RNC and the leading Republican candidate ahead of the 2024 polls. The former president decided to skip the third Republican presidential debate. Donald Trump has instead decided to hold a rally on his own close to the venue of the primary debate.

The national committee was caught totally off guard as Donald Trump’s campaign team revealed the news of the rival program. It is to be held on the same date as the third Republican presidential national debate. The venue is close to the arena in Miami where other GOP candidates will be having an open debate.

Donald Trump’s decision to go it alone has miffed some senior Republican leaders. The former president has justified his decision, saying that he had a winning lead. He has maintained that he did not need to attend the series of debates. But the decision to go in for a rival meeting close to the venue has further angered the leaders. They termed it a deliberate slap.

Donald Trump Maintains That The Debates Are Unnecessary Given His Huge Lead In The Primaries

Donald Trump’s team and leaders close to the maverick have sought to defend his decision. They have said that Donald Trump was frustrated by the decision of the national committee to continue holding debates despite the broad margin he enjoys at the polls.

Trump campaign managers called on the national committee to cancel the Miami leg of the debates and instead focus its resources on taking on the Democrats in next year’s presidential elections. But Donald Trump’s relationship with the RNC has been strained even before the Miami row. The committee is led by Ronna McDaniel, who was hand-picked by Trump.

The former president continues to resent the role of the RNC during the 2020 presidential elections. He said that they did not cooperate with him to have the election results upturned. He alleged that they did not provide him with the necessary legal support to fight against the results.