Stimulus Check News: States Are Sending These Checks

stimulus checks

If you received a stimulus check back in 2019, you might be wondering if the money is still in your account. The answer is yes! The IRS reported that as of August 29, the agency had made 130 million economic impact payments worth more than $322 billion.

In this article, we’ll tell you how many stimulus checks have been sent out and which states are sending them out this week. We’ll also update our list of states that are expected to issue payments in 2022.

As of March 2019, 34 states had sent out more than 100 million checks to taxpayers.

The remaining 16 states are still working on sending out all of their checks.

Some states, like Florida and Alabama, will be too busy with other issues like hurricane damage or tax reform to send out a check before the end of 2020 (and possibly not even then). However, the majority of states are expected to get done by August 2020—just in time for you to pay off your credit card debt!

Taxpayers Can Expect Their Stimulus Checks In No Time

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas (as of April 22), California (as of April 22), Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware and the District of Columbia are sending out stimulus checks this week.

Arizona residents will receive their payments via direct deposit or paper check on Monday. The last time an Arizona tax refund was delivered was in 2015 when many taxpayers received between $300 and $600 each in an estimated total payout of $65 million.

The IRS has said that it will continue to issue the checks for the next few months, so that more people have time to apply for them. And if you didn’t receive one yet, don’t worry! You still have plenty of time to file your taxes and make sure you’re getting all the money back from Uncle Sam that he owes you.