Liz Cheney Says Trump Directly Responsible Current House Speaker Impasse

liz cheney

Liz Cheney believes that the present stalemate in the GOP camp is the result of the decision to embrace Donald Trump’s policies. The former Republican Representative said in recent interviews that the current chaos was the direct result of the decision that former Republican speaker Kevin McCarthy took to embrace Trump’s policies.

Liz Cheney said that McCarthy’s decision to wholeheartedly embrace the policies espoused by Trump and the more extreme and radical members of the Republican Party led to the present debacle. The senior Republican politician mentioned that she wants to make sure that people elected at all levels in the US should be serious, people who follow the Constitution.

The former vice chair of the January 6 investigation committee agreed that the National Security package cannot pass until there is a speaker elected to the House of Representatives. She said that it is not a surprise that the Republican Party is in such a precarious position.

Liz Cheney Expressed Her Displeasure As Republicans Continue To Back Trump’s Policies

Liz Cheney admitted that it is a disgrace and embarrassment as there are serious people in the Republican Party, who are not an election denier. Liz Cheney was also scathing about the decision of some leaders within the Republican Party to back the option of walking away from the Ukraine crisis at its most crucial phase. Cheney has consistently been one of the strongest critics of Trump and his policies while she was in Congress. She also expressed her opposition to the violence and threat of violence that have become part of American policy.

Liz Cheney directly accused Donald Trump of driving the domestic threats. She said that it was unfortunate that his supporters have taken steps that have resulted in direct violence, especially the one on January 6, 2021. She gave a particular example when Congressman Davidson said that the continuing threats of violence were not the Republican Party’s fault. Instead, it was the direct result of those who chose not to vote for the Republicans back in 2020.