Donna Kelce Admits She Wasn’t A Fan Of Taylor Swift Before

Donna Kelce

Travis Kelce’s mom and Taylor Swift spent some quality time together over the past weeks. But Donna Swift admits openly that she was not a Swiftie. Both Donna Travis and Swift were enthusiastic in their support for Travis and his team during the game they attended. However, their musical preference appeared to diverge.

Donna Kelce was honest about her musical preferences in an interview with People. She confirmed that she was not a fan of Taylor Swift. She says she never considered herself to be a Swiftie even as rumors swirled that her son was in a romantic relationship with the Love Story singer. Donna Kelce reveals that she belonged to the era of Earth, Wind & Fire, and Chaka Khan. But she also says that she is respectful of the talent of Swift, who has 12 Grammy Awards under her belt. She stressed that ‘talent is talent.’

Donna Kelce Says That Her Main Focus Is Always On The Game

Donna Kelce reflected on her experience of sharing the Chiefs’ suite with Swift. However, she stressed that her main focus was on the game in which her son was a major player. She underscored that when she attends a Chiefs game, her focus is primarily on the game on the field. She says she doesn’t pay much attention to what is happening around her. The same goes for the events in the suite on the day Swift attended.

Donna Kelce and Swift were together in the suite at MetLife Stadium when the Chiefs were up against the NY Jets. She admits being intimidated by the level of fame surrounding Swift. She says it makes her feel like she is living in an alternate universe. She admits it is something that she has not encountered before. Donna Kelce says she is a committed football fan. While Travis is with the Chiefs, Jason is with the Eagles. She tries to be at their games, at times showing up at both their games even when it is on the same day.