Jonathan Bennett’s Dreamy Love Life

Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett, the handsome hunk from the movie, “Mean Girls”, is in a committed relationship with Jaymes Vaugh. The two have been dating for over 4 years. Their marriage proposal was all over the internet. Everything was carried out in a very unconventional manner. The couple has been giving relationship goals to their fans ever since.

Jonathan Bennett’s “Forever”

According to the actor, the sister of Jonathan Bennett told him to look out of his window. When he did that, he saw his partner standing with a signboard. The message that written there said that since the couple was unable to find a song for themselves, Jaymes wrote him one.

Suddenly a tune started playing itself. Jaymes had managed a hidden speaker. The tune of the song was very much “personal” to Bennett. The actor told a source that the moment was so emotional for him to remember every minute detail. He also added that he just could not bear it and burst into tears. Jonathan Bennet further claimed that his part felt like home to him. And this has been the case right from the moment he laid eyes upon Jaymes on the day of the proposal.

It was also shared that there was no control over his excitement the moment he saw his partner kneel. The only reaction that came out of him was a hysterical scream. And this was when he realized something very special. He knew that Jaymes was who he wanted to be with forever. Jonathan Bennet gave his reply immediately. It was, “Yes.”

The couple has been staying together since the lockdown. They are busy carrying out their respective work-from-home projects. They have not made the revelation of their wedding date yet. Jonathan and Jaymes together purchased their new home in the month of September 2020. It is situated in Palm Springs. They shared the news with a picture.

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