Doug Pederson, The Philadelphia Head-Coach, Fired

Doug Pederson
Doug Pederson

Doug Pederson is no more the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. This took place this Monday. He got fired by the authorities of the team. Their partnership, which had once caused them to be the winner of the Super Bowl, finally came to an end. The title they won, with Doug Pederson as their coach, was the only title that was earned in the entire history of the city.

The scores of the Eagles were not satisfying this season. It was 4-11-1. However, there were expectations with regard to the fact Doug Pederson would not be replaced despite the scores. He was to stay in the team. According to the sources, there were numerous meetings held with Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the team, following the team’s unsatisfactory performance.

What Led To Doug Peterson’s Departure?

All those meetings from over the past weeks were concerning the matter that whether Doug Pederson still had the caliber to take the Eagles to shine in the future. Jeffrey Lurie was doubtful with regard to the ability of the team’s head coach.

The owner doubted Doug Pederson’s vision for the solution to the series of problems the Eagles had been facing. The problems included the navigation of the situation of Carson Wentz, and also the offense fixation that ended with the scoring of 26th and that of the passing yards of 28th in the year 2020.

Jeffrey Lurie gave a statement, this Monday, where he gave his explanation following his big decision. It was a video news conference. He claimed that his first priority will always remain the goodwill of his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the fans nothing else. Jeffrey mentioned that fact would not change for at least the next few years. He cleared out that this was what drove his decision and not somebody’s ability or inability.

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