Dr. Dre Asked To Support His Ex-Wife With $300

Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre has been ordered to provide a monthly sum of $300 to his ex-wife, Nicole Young. The order was passed by the court recently. Dre was asked to pay the sum temporarily. He should be paying the amount as support to her spouse, stated the court. The payments shall come into effect from August. The sum. of money was asked to be transferred on the 1st of each month. 

Dr. Dre Charged A Hefty Amount Monthly As Alimony For Nicole Young

The couple was married many years back. However, things did not seem to work out very well. Things started to fall apart pretty fast. Finally, the couple decided to part ways. They filed their divorce in 2020 May. It has been a year since the couple has agreed to the separation. 

Allegations were brought against Dre. Nicole stated that they were experiencing ideological differences. She also accused him of physical assault. Nicole said that throughout their marriage, Dr.Dre had abused her physically. Dre was accused of punching his wife in the face & head. He also was said to kick Nicole while in a foul mood. 

Nicole has expressed her sad state of mind. She accused his husband of decimating her personality. She narrated the physical & verbal assaults that she had to face often. She held her ex-husband responsible for the traumas she currently experiences. She recalled wanting to call the police several times. Such was the seriousness of the situation. 

Dr. Dre was ordered by the court to provide his ex-wife with fundings of $300 monthly. This sum of money shall be given temporarily until Nicole opts for a new relationship. This verdict had mixed reactions. Some saw this as a greedy approach from Nicols. Others agreed with the ruling and blamed Dre for his actions. 

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