Director Of Tokyo Olympics 2020 Gets Fired Over Holocaust Joke!

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US Women's Soccer

The director of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 gets fired over a holocaust joke which he made in 1998. Kentaro Kobayashi, the director of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 gets fired following a holocaust joke which he made in 1998. He made this joke regarding a sad historic event. This is according to the statement made by the Olympics organizing committee on the Olympic Games eve. He made this holocaust joke during a funny comedy show. 

President Apologises For Creating Such A Setback At The Start Of The Tokyo Olympics 2020!

The Olympic games which got delayed due to the pandemic is going to start officially on Friday. The games will begin with a ceremony that was designed by Kentaro Kobayashi. This is the latest setback of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The president of the organizing committee, Seiko Hashimoto stated that Kobayashi said the painful phrase, Let us play Holocaust during the funny comedy show. Hashimoto said that it pains the committee to see that Kobayashi used this phrase and successfully ridiculed a sad historical tragedy. 

The president then apologized for creating such a setback. He also apologized for causing concerns and troubles to all the involved parties and the Olympic fans in Tokyo. He also apologized to all the people across the country. On Thursday, Kobayashi, director of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 apologized and regretted making that sick joke. He stated that entertainment is not supposed to make people fall sick and feel uncomfortable. He regrets that he used these words in 1998. Kobayashi, the president of Tokyo Olympics 2020 is now 48 years old. He is a former cast member of “Rahmens” the comedy duo. This joke also drew condemnation from many Jewish groups such as the Simon Center located inside Los Angeles.