Tommy Dorfman Redeclares Herself As A Proud Trans

Tommy Dorfman
Tommy Dorfman

Tommy Dorfman has once again declared that she was trans. She announced this while being interviewed. She is interviewed by The Times. Tommy has clarified the fact that she did not say this to come out of the taboo. Rather her announcement should be seen as a proud revelation. 

Tommy Dorfman Breaks Down Barriers, Introduces Her As Trans Person 

Tommy is famously recognized all over the world. She is popularly known for his stint with Netflix. She played a major role in the famous series ” Thirteen Reasons Why”. She posted a lengthy message on her Instagram handle.  She thanked a renowned magazine for allowing her to announce her liking. She extended her gratitude towards all the trans people who decided to smash the stigma. 

She refused to term this as a transition. She believed this was just a reflection of how she wanted to portray her. She said this was all about accepting and being the real person one wanted. She announced her new journey by exemplifying people’s desire to change.  Dorfman said that many decided to change their abodes. She was someone who decided to change her sex. 

Tommy Dorfman said she always wanted to be accepted as a woman. However, she could not gather the courage to transform.  Especially keeping in mind that it was just the initial days of her career.  She maintained a steady set of posts on her Instagrams. These posts contained pictures that portrayed her transition story. 

Tommy Dorfman expressed her joy after being transformed. She said she felt beautiful. The sight of the changing bodily features gave her a calming sensation. However, she wanted to continue with her old name. The name was of special sentiment to her, so she decided not to alter it. After the news went viral, people from all over the world showed their respect and support for the celebrity.