Drew Barrymore Brings Back Talk Show Ignoring Hollywood Writers Strike

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has drawn the ire of striking Hollywood writers after she decided to restart her talk show. Though not technically a part of the striking writers, the show relies on actors who are participating in the strike. Dismayed writers unleashed a flurry of fury despite the actress’ earlier instance of solidarity with them. She had previously refused to host an MTV show as a mark of support for the strikers. But on Sunday she announced that The Drew Barrymore Show would be back even as the actors and writers strike continued in Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore’s unexpected decision has invited a howl of protests from the Writers Guild of America and promoted picketing and protests on Monday in New York City outside her taping. Performers and actors across America have been overwhelmingly behind the strike by the writers. But the unusual move by Drew Barrymore raises questions if it is the first sign that the support is waning.

Drew Barrymore Defends Her Decision To Restart Her Talkshow

Barrymore has defended her choice to resume her daytime talk show. In a statement, she maintained that she was complying with not promoting or discussing television or films that are struck. CBS has confirmed the 4th season of Barrymore’s talk show. The first show will be on air on September 18.

The Writers Guild of America has stated that the show employs 3 writers who are part of the striking writers. Picketers chanted for Drew Barrymore to do the right thing and said they expected more from her. The social media was flooded with concern that Drew Barrymore would rely on scribes who are not part of the WGA at the insistence of CBS.

Among the writers on the Drew Barrymore show, Cristina Kinon was part of the group outside CBS. She said that everybody has a right to decide for herself. While for Barrymore it was right to return to the floor, for the striking writers, it was a fair decision. They believe that they deserve a better deal from the studios.