Drew Robinson Selected In Giants’ Roster After Losing His Right Eye

drew robinson

Drew Robinson, the player who lost and damaged his right eye last year in an attempted suicide, has been selected for the roster of the opening day of S. Francisco Giants. He was selected in the Triple-A affiliate. He can also manage to play tomorrow. 

Sacramento Cats will be opening their season having a 6 game series in their hometown, Las Vegas. The 29 years old Drew Robinson signed a league contract with the Francisco Giants during the winter. It happened after Robinson shot himself, around 6 months later. Following 20 hours of harrowing effort, he was put in for rehabilitation for over a year. But the performance of Robinson surged during the spring training of the minor league. This made the Francisco Giants team place Drew Robinson with the all-time best record inside their nation’s league. 

On Wednesday, Drew Robinson stated to ESPN that he cannot express in words, his excitement regarding him playing the next 6 games for his team. He also knows that this experience will be a powerful one and he is ready for it. He says that his game is on tomorrow but he is having a very hard time already sleeping in his house last night. 

Drew Robinson Is Excited To Experience Every Second Of This Season

All of this is because of his abundant excitement regarding his next few games and how powerful the overall experience is going to be. He also added that following his life up to now where he didn’t appreciate the events occurring in his life fully, he promised that he would be experiencing every second and minute of his season this year. He talked about how he managed to make himself understand that all of the playing and the season is very special. 

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