Kamala Harris’ Communication Director, Jamal Simmons, Says His Goodbyes

Jamal Simmons

After serving almost a year as the communications director of Kamala Harris’, Jamal Simmons is now to exit. As stated by Jamal Simmons to CNN he is honored to provide service to a historic Vice President. He continues to say that this job would be a part of his conversation throughout the rest of his life. However, he’d only miss the pupils and not the hours.

The Friday email by Harris to CNN tells that while Harris was attending to a different role almost a year back, Jamal was called and was requested to join as the Communications Director. They have worked together for several years now. The email reads more telling how having respect for the Vice President, Jamal Simmons did not decline. His dedication to building a team of hard-working and productive people is highly appreciated.

Jamal Simmons Appreciated By All

With the announcement of Simmon’s hiring, the news of him serving only a year never came out in public by the office. Jamal Simmons still was credited for helping Voles steady her ship. Suffering a thunderous initial year, Harris was constantly in a mode of defense. With innumerable reports, the infighting of staff, errors in messaging, and dysfunction, Harris has suffered from scrutiny and has been more into focus than an alternative Vice President of modern times. However, the second year of Harris’ tenure has been smoother and Simmons has played a huge role in achieving this goal as outlined by Voles in an email that went staff-wide.

The administration of Biden-Harris has accomplished and the office is amplifying better also because of the massive growth in the digital and media reach of the Vice President. She continues to write that Simmons has paid attention to planning strategically on growing the digital presence of the Vice President as well as maintaining national as well as regional relationships and constituency media.