Dua Lipa Cleared The Dating Rumor

dua lipa

A few months back Dua Lipa was seen with Trevor Noah and rumored they might be dating. However, that’s not the case and a week ago Jack Harlow and Dua Lipa’s appearance made sure they are dating. Lipa did PDA at the variety event. The ‘no lie’ singer has been successful in keeping her dating life probate.

Dua Lipa’s New Dates Jokes About Her

Jack Harlow joked about Dua Lipa’s rumored boyfriend Trevor Noah, who was caught by the paparazzi. However, Lipa recently performed with her soon-to-be boyfriend Jack Harlow at the madison square garden. They are so whipped in love, he even revealed that before dropping his latest album she face-timed Dua Lipa. even in his new album, he named a song Dua Lipa.

The couple met first time at the variety, and romance blossomed since then. A close to Jack Harlow has disclosed that Lipa and  Jack Harlow have been in constant communication since then. And he is definitely thinking more than friendship. He has been giving constant efforts, and he has flown to Newyork to have lunch with Lipa. To keep things low and quiet the couple left the restaurant separately. Jack Harlow has always been a fan of Dua Lipa, and she is his dream girl.

The rumor arose regarding Lipa and Trevor Noah dating, cause they were seen outside at a restaurant in NYC hugging each other before they leave. That led to fans believing they might be dating. But a close source said they recorded a podcast together, a podcast by Trevor Noah ‘At Your service’. After the breakup with Anwar Hadid, she hasn’t really been involved with anyone. But rumored she has been.