Check Your Eligibility For The $1,750 Property Tax Relief

Property Tax

The Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters program is an initiative by Gov. Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Legislature. The ANCHOR program aims to provide relief from property tax for eligible renters and homeowners. Thanks to the recent legislation signed by Gov. Murphy, you may be eligible for up to $1,750 in New Jersey property tax refunds.

Governor Murphy and Elizabeth M. Muoio, the Treasurer of New Jersey, announced the initial round of the tax property tax program for the 2020 tax year which was deposited to the account of over 700,000 residents of New Jersey who opted to receive relief payment through direct deposit. Residents who opt for paper checks will receive their property tax relief payment will have their payment delayed as they receive their payments through the postal service.

Gov. Murphy Said That The Property Tax Relief Was The Most Significant In The State’s History

All residents who applied for the property tax relief program received their payments by the first week of November. Residents who apply later will continue to receive their payments on a rolling basis based on the application of residents who are yet to receive their property tax relief payment.

Gov. Murphy said that among the most demanding concerns of residents of New Jersey has been relief on property tax. He said that through cooperation from the legislature, the administration was making the state affordable for state residents.

He said that he was happy that the present round of property tax relief payments would go out to most applicants in an efficient manner. He thanked the employees of the state taxation department for making this possible.

Gov. Murphy said that New Jersey was implementing one of the most substantial property tax relief initiatives in the state’s history. He said that the ANCHOR program has provided more property tax relief than ever before. He said that it will help families in New Jersey as they will have extra money that will enable them to plan for the future.