Stimulus Check: 7 States Have Thought Of Different Ways To Help Their Residents

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With covid cases spiking all over the world, and income of human beings worldwide were decreasing. America came with a payment plan which was set out to help their citizens during the dark time. More than millions lost their job in the midst of the pandemic. They were provided with Stimulus check in various forms. It continued till March 2021. The federal government sent out checks in three different amounts.

The federal government stooped sending out checks after that, the state issued a bunch of them.

How Is Stimulus Check Shaping Lives In The States?

When the federal government stopped sending out stimulus check to citizens. The state stepped up to help out its residents.2022 inflation roared and every day necessary became unbearable perhaps. Bringing food to the table was difficult for households. Middle-class families took up two jobs to support their families. The majority dived into savings, and they are paying off the neck-deep debt.

California was the first among all to send out an inflation relief fund. They shaped their stimulus check that way to help out citizens. This was the only way when citizens got relief. They are sending out $200 to $1050 stimulus check depending on an individual’s income.

Again in Idaho, the state government sent out a $75 stimulus check per family member. Otherwise 12% of the tax liability before credits.

These payments will be sent out to residents when they file their 2022 taxes this season. The last date for tax filing is also 18th april.

Maine has set $450 for single tax filers and $900 for joint filers. This is set for 2021 tax filers. They are likely to get their payment in 2023 only if they have filed their last two years’ taxes by 2022 October. Or even after that by february this year.