Eminem’s Child Has Called The Rapper Out For Withholding Information


Eminem’s child, who recently claimed to be non-binary, has changed their name and goes as Stevie Laine now. But, that isn’t why the child is in the news- the adopted child of the Grammy-winning rapper has called out the rapper for not informing them of their heritage. The child has called the rapper out in a video on TikTok, where they seemingly recounted an old conversation with the rapper about them being adopted. According to sources, Stevie is the child of Kim Scott, the ex-wife of the rapper, as well as Eric Hartter- the late tattoo artist.

Eminem’s Child Comes Out As Non-Binary 

Stevie was officially adopted by Eminem back in 2005 when he reconciled with Kim. Now, while fans got to see their favorite rapper remarry, the marriage lasted for just a couple of months after which he again filed for divorce. In this TikTok video, the rapper’s adopted child had put on a grey hoodie while sporting short blonde hair. The kid then lip-synced to the captions on the screen where they recounted a real-life conversation. 

Stevie then lip-synced before approaching Eminem- where the rapper claimed that the child was his biological child. Stevie recounted asking him if he was his real dad or if he was adopted- to which Marshall Mathers III replied in the affirmative. But later, the child was sent a newspaper article regarding the death of their biological father- to which their grandmother lamented that no one had told them anything. 

Stevie’s TikTok video also had the adopted child of Eminem coming out as non-binary. The video then flashed through a few pictures of the teenager who was born a ‘she/her’, who later changed to all pronouns, as stated by TikTok.