Free Guy’s Future: Disney Wants A Sequel

Free Guy
Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds believes that a Free Guy sequel is up for grabs, with Disney willing to invest in such. The recently released action-comedy film stars the Deadpool actor- who put out the news on Saturday. In his usual sarcastic way, he stated that Disney had decided to invest in a sequel for the movie- while he had been looking at it as an IP movie for the last three years. 20th Century Studios ended up retweeting the actor’s tweet- their own method of confirming the news. Interestingly, Disney’s representatives weren’t available for comment on this. 

Reynolds’ Free Guy Invested For A Sequel?

In Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds portrays an NPC from a video game who is called Guy- in a game called Free City. After he develops a mind of his own and realizes that he has been living in a fictional game, Guy goes off on a quest to turn himself into the main character. In his journey to the pinnacle, he takes the help of the programmers of the game- Joe Keery and Jodie Comer.

Free Guy also gives creditable roles to Taika Waititi, Lil Rey Howery, and Utkarsh Ambudkar. The movie was released on the 13th of August and has been projected to earn the biggest bucks this weekend- at an estimated $26 million. The film has also received favorable reviews as it cashed in at $10.5 million on Friday. 

Interestingly, Free Guy is reportedly the only movie from Disney that would have just a theatrical release for the year. The film will be running in theatres for a cumulative total of 45 days, and the earnings would be an important factor in determining the condition of the movie theater business in light of the current coronavirus situation.