PFE Will Be Announcing An EPS Of $3.17


Quite a few research analysts working at Truist Securiti have already increased the EPS of PFE in a 13th April research report. G. Gilbert, the analyst for the brokerage firm now predicts that the company for pharmaceuticals would be posting an EPS of $3.17 for the year, which is quite an increase from their previous sum of $3.16. 

The Quarterly Estimates of PFE

The stocks of PFE did publish their previous quarterly data on the 2nd of February. The company had an EPS of $0.46 for the quarter which was less than the consensus estimate set by analysts at $0.46. The net margin for the company was 17.85%, with the return on their equity set at 24.88%. The revenue earned by the company during that period was $11.68 billion, which is more than the analyst estimate of $11.32 billion. 

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of PFE. SVB Leerink has already reduced the price target of the company from $40 to $39 with a rating of “market perform” in a 1st April research report. Morgan Stanley has also reduced the price target of the company from $$0 to $38 with a rating of equal weight in a 29th January research report. The Royal Bank of Canada has given the company a rating of “sector perform” along with a price target of $42 in a 7th April research report. The Goldman Sachs Group has also set up a price target of $41 along with a rating of neutral in a 6th April research report. 

Eleven of the analysts involved with the project have given it a rating of hold, while three others have given the company a rating of buy. Currently, PFE has a hold rating with a price target set at $38.47.