Emma Watson Reveals That She Wanted To Leave The Harry Potter Franchise

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

The entire Harry Potter movie series was based on JK Rowling’s novel series of the same name. The first movie was released in 2001. The cast became famous overnight. The young actors and actresses successfully navigated their way through Hollywood and ended up with spectacular careers. However, the fame did not come cheap. They had their demons to fight while walking on a path they were not sure of.

Harry Potter fans are excited since a 20th-anniversary special reunion is being released. The reunion episode will feature the whole cast of the franchise, reminiscing their childhood spent in the sets. They will talk about their experiences on set and working with each other.

In the special episode, the director of the fifth movie, David Yates, brought up the fact that Emma Watson had considered leaving.

Emma Watson Felt Lonely

Emma Watson explained that she was probably scared. She recalled maintaining a diary. In one of her entries, it mentioned that she felt very lonely. At that time she was questioning everything. The thought of fame and her being a part of Harry Potter forever overwhelmed her. Fame had become bigger than she could handle.

Tom Felton, who played Malfoy Draco in the series, applauded Emma. He explained that Emma was the youngest and was by herself. She did not have anyone to confide in. He truly believes that Emma gracefully dealt with fame and everything it entailed.

Daniel Radcliffe said that since all of them were kids they did not know how to help each other. No fourteen-year-old asks another fourteen-year-old if they are okay and how they are feeling. They are more often than not drowning in their problems.

Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, confessed that he considered leaving. He, like Emma Watson, was questioning what he would be if he just quit. Everyone was kind of questioning their lives but no one spoke up about it or confided in each other.

HBO Max will upload the much-awaited episode on January 1.

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