Steep Rise In Opulous Price After Announcement Of DeFi Staking


With Bitcoin and Ethereum again going bullish, non-profiled picture non-fungible tokens, that had been lying low for some months are on the rise again. Tokens focused on NFTs and altcoins are again turning bullish. Opulous (OPUL) protocol proved to be the star.

OPUL has big plans to introduce decentralized finance into the music world. It may also revolutionize how artists gain access to funds.

The OPUL price has zoomed, rising by an astounding 260% after it touched a March 18 low at $0.287. it hit an April 4 high at $1.04 as it witnessed a spike of 415% in trading volume over 24 hours.

Rise For Opulous Price Turnaround

There were 3 reasons why the price of OPUL went zooming up. It includes the conclusion of the latest security non-fungible token sale (S-NFT), listing on the exchange, and the coming launch of OPUL liquidity pools on several DeFi protocols that are Algorand-based.

The biggest cause for buyers’ attention being directed towards OPUL in the last two weeks is the successful launch of Opulous’s latest S-NFT sale. It is for the ‘Patek Myself’ S-NFT by UK-based Rapper Ard Adz.

Opulous tweeted that Ard Adz ‘Patek Myself’ S-NFT sold out in less than 45 minutes and congratulated all who managed to get it. Opulous also revealed that people who missed out need not worry as they can get to the waiting list that would guarantee them investment should anyone drop out of the race in the next week.

The sale of the S-NFT was on the last day of March, being sold out within 45 minutes, thus reaching its target of touching $50,000. Data obtained from WeFunder showed that the S-NFT sale was over-subscribed, and collected around $66,900. After the sale, Opulous publicized that another major announcement would be due next week. This one would be bigger and involve the sale of an S-NFT for a complete music album.

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