Eric Adams Declares State of Emergency In NY Amid Asylum Seekers

Eric Adams
Eric Adams

Eric Adams is the newly-appointed mayor of the city of New York. He has recently declared a state of emergency in NY for the reason that the city is experiencing a record-breaking influx of asylum seekers. Most of these asylum seekers are known to be coming from the southern border of the United States of America. 

Emergency In NY By Eric Adams 

Eric Adams has officially made the announcement of the emergency and this executive order was issued on Friday, 7th October 2022. This was done for the fact that relevant agencies would be able to formally direct and coordinate their efforts all over the city of New York. Agencies will now be able to respond to the humanitarian crisis owing to the exorbitant number of refugees. In addition, the government of New York will also be able to construct humanitarian centers of relief on a temporary basis as announced by Eric Adams. 

This state of emergency is going to remain in effect across NY for the next 30 days and is subject to extension based on one executive order. 

Refugee Crisis In NY 

Eric Adams has stated that state and federal emergency aid will handle this constant influx of refugees. Moreover, the requested legislation that will allow refugees to work along with a decompression plan at the border that will be coordinated across other cities as well. Adams also asked for financial relief as well as immigration reform during the emergency. 

All shelters in NY are at full capacity and presently accommodating over 61,000 people. Adams also assured that 100,000 refugees will be accommodated by next year if the immigration continues. He claimed that they will spend more than $1 billion in 2022 on the cause of the migrant crisis. He also blamed political motivation and loose coordination for this humanitarian crisis.