Adam Kinzinger’s PAC Will Definitely Resist A GOP Which Puts Trump First

Adam Kinzinger
Adam Kinzinger

A new PAC has been launched by Adam Kinzinger- which will be specifically aimed at removing the stronghold Trump enjoys on the Republican party. A former US Air Force pilot, Kinzinger was elected representative all the way back in 2010- and is generally known for being one of the most level-headed Republicans around. After the Capitol Mob violence, he was one of the ten Republicans who decided to vote on the impeachment of the previous President.  The mob had supposedly been incited by the President- which led to the death of a 5 people along with a police officer from the Capitol.

Adam Kinzinger and His PAC: How Far Will They Succeed?

Adam Kinzinger also brought out a video for the PAC- which was called Country First. In the video, he spoke about how people needed to know the truth behind the Republican party. He directly alluded to the Capitol mob incident as something that would only happen in a country that has failed in its administration. Urging his fellow Republicans to let go of conspiracy theories, he asked them to start working for the common good of the country. 

Interestingly, quite a few Republicans voted against the impeachment of Donald Trump. Even Kevin McCarthy- the current House Minority Leader turned coat after a few weeks. Previously, he had blamed Trump for the Capitol Mob- but then soon turned around to support the previous President in his strategies to take back the Congress next year. 

Adam Kinzinger did not mince words when he called for a proactive action from the party. They needed to realize that the party was not for a single person- but it was for an entire country. He further stated that the members of this Party would have to stop chasing this wild belief that Trump would ever come back to power. 


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