Eric Adams On Gun Violence And Democratic Priorities

Eric Adams
Eric Adams

Eric Adams, the mayoral candidate of New York City belonging to the Democratic candidate, took a dig at the lawmakers from his own party. He attacked their very little effort towards tackling the issue of gun violence. He stated that they carried out talks on the floor of the US Congress that were “misplaced.” It was done in order to overhaul the policing laws of the nation that is going nowhere. The incident took place this Sunday.

Eric Adams’ Plans

The 60-year-old Democratic mayoral candidate spoke about his party members in an interview on one of the news platforms that he attended. The host of the interview asked him to make a comment on the priority of his party. Eric Adams stated that priorities of his were not properly placed. He also claimed that the incidents that were taking place over the last few years were absolutely “insulting.” It was just last week that the retired police officer and politician won the election to be the nominee for the office of the New York City mayor from the Democratic party. He claimed that he would use his experience of being in the police to his full advantage.

He stated that he would be a perfect candidate to handle the problems of violent crime, something that is extremely prevalent in the country. Also, the cases of violent crimes have been increasing with time. Eric Adams also stated that he is up for so many things for the betterment of the people. That includes putting an end to protections provided to the police officers in civil courts, as well as the system of qualified immunity. Although he did mention that this will be done on the basis of the circumstance.

On the matter of police brutality, the Democratic nominee stated that not all police officers were supposed to be held guilty for the crimes that are carried out. There are some who carry out their duties in a lawful manner and do not deserve to be punished. However, Eric Adams, on the other hand, did acknowledge the fact that there are some officers who go beyond the boundaries of the law. Those officers cause injuries and harm to the lives of the people. To those, he claimed that they deserve to get sued. 

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