Meniere’s Disease Makes Jessie J Unable To Hear, The Diagnosis Confirms

Meniere's disease
Meniere's disease

Jessie J has been recently diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. During the weekend, she made a post on her Instagram account regarding the confusion and conjectures that followed her post where she was seen singing after the diagnosis.

Jessie J recently provided an update about her health to all her fans worldwide. On 24th December, Christmas Eve she had fallen seriously ill. As a result, she had to be taken to the hospital. After that, she was known to suffer from Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s Disease Plaguing Jessie J

Meniere’s disease is known to be an ear condition. This leads to causing vertigo along with the sensation of everything spinning around the person with the condition. All of this combined makes it very tough for the person to walk or stand straight.

Jessie J revealed the details regarding incurring Meniere’s disease to everyone through an Instagram post. After her announcement, she made another post in order to clear the confusion regarding the video where she films herself. In the concerned video, she is singing in the social media time following the ordeal.

She has further informed her fans globally that she had sung very gently and spoke little during the video which was recorded after the diagnosis of Meniere’s disease. She added that everyone who actually watched the video is aware of the reality behind the video. She said that she wanted things to get back to normal after her diagnosis.

Jessie J is pretty disturbed after the diagnosis and wanted to prove to her critics that she did not lie about her condition. She did not post it in expectation of receiving sympathy from people.

She was in the hospital due to Meniere’s disease on Christmas Eve and wanted her fans to support her.

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