Adam Kinzinger’s Take On The Republican “Garbage Politicians”

Adam Kinzinger
Adam Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger, a member of the House of Representatives belonging to the Republican party, took a dig at some of the members belonging to his own party. The ones who faced his criticisms include Lauren Boebert, a fellow Representative, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, another Representative. They were criticized for comparing the administration of Joe Biden, the country’s President, to the Nazis. The analogy was drawn with regard to the efforts of the country’s President in monitoring the vaccination efforts against the coronavirus pandemic.

Adam Kinzinger To Fellow Republicans

The 43-year-old Congressman belonging to the state of Illinois used the word “insanity” to describe the comments of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. He said it in an interview that he attended with one of the news channels. Adam Kinzinger directly claimed that whatever was being carried out by the people of his party was “outrage politics” in reality. He also gave a strong opinion about it.

He stated that this was something that, according to him, would have a great negative impact on the citizens of his country. To be precise, this kind of politics would kill the Americans. He further went on to say that the Republican party had been “hijacked” as of now. And it was nearing its grave. 

Adam Kinzinger took the name of Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the House as well as other influential leaders belonging to his party. He stated that they should do the duty of encouraging the citizens of the United States of America to get their shot of vaccines. He had a term to describe those politicians who were going against the vaccination campaigns. He called them “absolute clowns” and “garbage politicians.” Adam Kinzinger criticized those garbage politicians by claiming that they were only going against the vaccination campaigns by manipulating the fears of the people for their selfish gains. 

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