NYC’s Eric Adams Calls 911 On the First Day As Mayor

Eric Adams
Eric Adams

The new Mayor of NYC, Eric Adams had an event-filled first day as Mayor. On Saturday, Adams was filmed calling 911 in order to report a street assault. The 61-year-old witnessed a street brawl outside the window of a station in Brooklyn while waiting for a train to City Hall.

In the footage, taken on Saturday, Eric Adams is captured looking outside the station window, at three males assaulting each other on the road. He is videotaped calling 911 and reporting the incident while still looking at the fight unfolding. Mr. Adams waits till the very end of the exchange to provide his identity to the 911 operator as the mayor of the city.

NYC’s 110th Mayor Sworn In

Eric Leroy Adams was declared the 110th Mayor of New York City on January 1 in a festive but simple ceremony, a grim reminder of his upcoming task to efficiently guide the city through another wave of coronavirus.

Soon after the clock struck 12, Adams had his swearing-in ceremony at Times Square. Eric Adams was sworn in by Justice Hinds-Radix while he held his mother, Dorothy’s photograph who passed away in 2020. He is the city’s second Black Mayor.

Mr. Adams ran for mayor on a public safety message, using his working-class and police background to convey empathy for the parts of New York still struggling with the effects of crime.

On his first day itself, Eric Adams was confronted by an example of the violence he is trying to solve: He paid a hospital visit to a police officer who was shot early Saturday in Harlem. The officer was sleeping in his personal car during an interval between two shifts.

Mr. Adams’s first and foremost duty as mayor will be to help navigate the Omicron variant and a troubling spike in cases. The city has recorded over 40,000 cases per day in recent days.