Bobby Bones Will Not Return To American Idol

Bobby Bones
Bobby Bones

On Friday, Bobby Bones took to Instagram to announce his decision to not return to American Idol. The television and radio personality revealed the news on an Instagram Story. 

Bobby Bones, 41, participated in an informal Q&A session online. He revealed that he is in Costa Rica shooting a new series. When a fan asked for more information he refused. Bones explained that the network has not announced the series. He said that it is a very good show and that he’ll keep the details under wraps.

Bobby Bones’ New Series

Bobby Bones, in the Instagram story, explained that his contract with the new network did not allow him to film a different show. That is why he is not in American Idol’s season promos. He said that he loved American Idol and the 4 years he spent were great. 

American Idol will premiere this year on February 27. Ryan Seacrest will return as a host for the 20th season. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan return as judges.

Bones first joined American Idol in 2018 as a guest mentor. The next three years he returned as one of the main mentors. In August 2021, the judges got together to film a funny invitation for the next season’s auditions. 

The clip began with Luke sitting in his pickup truck. He announced that American Idol’s next season is ready and that it was time to look for a new superstar. 

Lionel Richie, aged 72, said that if they were wondering where the auditions were to be held, before trailing off. He can be seen working on his home’s landscape. 

Katy Perry, aged 37, picked up saying that the auditions were virtual. She requested people to keep the videos clean. Katy was seated on her washing machine. 

Bryan then continued by saying that they should go audition. Bryan peeked out his shower curtain and said that they could audition from their bathrooms.