LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Appears Before US Senate Panel, In Bid For Ambassador’s Post

Eric Garcetti
Eric Garcetti

Things haven’t been easy for LA Mayor Eric Garcetti lately. The LA mayor has been viewed as the golden boy in state politics and was nearing the year mark in a top post in the cabinet. Instead, he is set to surrender his mayorship even as the city is overcome by crime, spreading encampments, and the spreading pandemic. It has led a predecessor to equate it with a burning Rome.

But what has been politically more damaging for Eric Garcetti is being caught up in allegations of sexual harassment leveled against a top adviser. It has given rise to the allegation that he lorded over an office ethos that silenced such victims.

Despite these setbacks, Garcetti moved a step closer towards the crucial diplomatic posts, that of the ambassador to India. His hearing was sparsely attended and was a damp affair for the sake of form.

It indicates that the post is Eric Garcetti’s and an official committee poll is in the works. It will lead to a scramble for the job of running America’s 2nd-largest city.

Eric Garcetti’s Hearing Underscores Biden Has The Support Of The Party

The sedate hearing underscores that Biden has the unstinted support of the Democrats over his choice. It also stresses that loyalty is valued by Biden dearly. Eric Garcetti endorsed Joe Biden’s presidential nomination when he did not have much support. He went on to more high-profile posts as co-chair in Joe Biden’s campaign, inaugural committee, and VP selection committee.

Eric Garcetti almost stumbled in his ambassadorial bid when Rick Jacobs, his adviser, faced multiple instances of sexual harassment. But Eric Garcetti has testified under oath that he did not know of any instance of sexual harassment and that he would not have allowed it.

Only Senator Jeanne Shaheen was among the panel member who quizzed him about it. Matthew Garza, an LAPD officer in Garcetti’s security detail, had filed a sexual harassment lawsuit. A freelance writer, Yashar Ali had also published a piece when he alleged that Jacobs forcibly kissed him. Garza’s alleged that Eric Garcetti knew of the issue and kept quiet.