Dropping Harry Maguire Now Might Help ETH Save His Job Later

Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire

A Joey Tribbiani is necessary for every new manager. He is merely there to be let go, downgraded, or dropped.

Chef Monica Geller employed her friend Joey as a waiter in the infamous “Friends” episode, only to fire him as a message to the other servers. You could experience this.

Harry Maguire should presumably experience this before Manchester United’s most recent production of Shakespeare at the Theatre of Demons. At this point, it’s unclear whether Liverpool’s visit will end in comedy or tragedy, but Maguire’s part feels crucial.

Joey Tribbiani leads the Red Devils, and Erik ten Hag, the erratic coach of the United, is Monica Geller. Others are the studio audience, watching to see if the most recent joke works or not.

Ten Hag must make a statement that is decisive, pragmatic, and logical—i.e., the traits lacking from his brief rule so far—rather than the bizarre, cryptic kind Cristiano Ronaldo makes on social networks as he urgently organizes his great escape.

ETH Might Save His Job Just By Dropping Harry Maguire: 

Given that Ten Hag talked so highly of his captain Harry Maguire during the preseason and insisted that both the armband and Harry Maguire’s position were secure, pride may be preventing him from moving on. However, pride forbids taking the cynical risk that made trophy hoarders out of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

Hart was well-liked, knowledgeable, and typically trustworthy for both club and country. However, he was unable to play from the back. David de Gea can’t either, but he’ll still be at Manchester United on Monday, trying to make those bandy-legged saves like a giraffe on skates.

Last season, De Gea could only finish 71.3% of his passes. Alisson made it to 87.1%. Guardiola’s choice to put their head ahead of Hart was further supported by Ederson’s even higher 88.1 percent.

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