Evaporating Tax Credits In Louisiana

tax credits

Partially injustice is taking place in the state. Fight against abortion rights was already skyrocketing in particular states. Lawmakers have been making it difficult for women and their families. 

With the wake of the abortion ban lawmakers subtly cut off major tax credits which were likely to help pregnant women. Not only is it taking major chances from women but also adoptive parents as well. Lawmakers are so cruel and have no idea about it whatsoever. Specifically, republicans made lawmakers against abortion. They will make all the women suffer by all means.

One Tax Credit Which Possibly Would Help Out The Struggling People

Struggling people are none other than women who weren’t allowed to abort their babies. Or even those people after giving birth to babies. They weren’t allowed to abort.

Even young parents after abortion struggle with health issues. The Louisiana lawmakers left one tax credit for them. They are left with no choice after the majority of tax credits were omitted. Most of the states have made abortion illegal.

A first come first serve basis is going to be implemented on the newly designed tax credit. This credit is going to be made from all those anti-abortion donations. Nearly $5 million has been set to send out $5000 individually. The state is tightening the tax credit limit for the victims. They are limiting the pregnancy crisis bills.

Recently implemented Mizell’s bill passed at the senate level. They are prohibiting any medical center that provides women medical support. They have taken the right to not provide women with any kind of abortion-related services. Some critics have falsely accused these women of seeking an abortion, and are on the path of breast cancer. Abortions lead to breast cancer according to them.

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