EXPE Has A Hold Rating From Analysts


The stocks of EXPE have already received a hold rating from around thirty-three different firms that have been covering the company. According to a report, one of the analysts gave the company a rating of sell, while sixteen others gave it a rating of hold. Close to fourteen investment analysts provided the stocks of the company with a rating of buy. The price target set by the company for the year has been $138.50. 

The Stock Commentary of EXPE

There have been quite a few research analysts who have already provided reports into the stocks of EXPE. Sanford C. Bernstein has been one of the first companies to give it a rating market perform along with a price target set at $113 in a 30th November research report.

Wells Fargo & Company has given the company a rating of overweight after it was previously set at equal weight, with their price target increased from $110 to $180 in a 22nd January research report. Benchmark also went ahead and increased the price target of the company from $120 to $175, with a rating of buy. Cowen decided to increase the rating to outperform after previously elevating the target price to $150.

The stocks of EXPE traded on Thursday at $166.14. The quick ratio of the company has been set at 1.19, while they enjoy a 2.84 debt-to-equity ratio. The year low of the company is $46.15, while the year high has been fixed at $187.93. The moving average price of the company is $160.28 set over 50 days, while the moving average price of the company over 200 days is $126.31. The market cap of the firm is $23.90 billion, with a -10.64 PE ratio and a 1.74 beta.