Voting Rights Bill Issue Addressed By Mike Schumer

voting rights
voting rights

The first hearing of the Senate of the United States of America was held this Wednesday. It was based on the voting rights package as well as the sweeping election. Here, the leaders of the chamber took to the platform to make their arguments. It was with regard to the federal legislation needs. 

Voting Rights Defended By Schumer

One of the committees of the Senate, the Senate Rules Committee had a meeting in order to take into consideration the S1 or what is popularly known as “For the People Act.” The committee was addressed by the two important leaders, Chuck Schumer, the Majority leader of the Senate, and Mitch McConnell, the Minority leader of the Senate. The package got passed earlier this month. It aims towards the importance of the voting rights of the people. It expands access to voting all over the nation. 

Mike Schumer defended the legislation of the federation. He went on to defy the state legislatures that are led by the GOP across America. He went against those bills that work against the voting rights of the citizens. In the month of February, the legislators of a total of 43 states made the introduction of around 250 new bills. All of these put a restriction on the voting rights of the citizens. 

Mike Schumer, the 70-year-old Majority leader of the Senate, gave a statement with regard to the bill. He called it “despicable.” He claimed it to be the most loathsome thing he had ever encountered in his entire life. 

The Democratic leader further went on to state that they should have been trying to make amends for their loss by doing some good deeds. However, instead, they were working towards disenfranchising the voters.