4 Trending Cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on


It is no surprise that the rise of cryptocurrencies has changed the face of how trade and businesses were conducted less than a decade ago. The old outdated strategies to conduct business are no match to the way an investment in cryptocurrency can take your business to unprecedented heights. Businessmen and traders alike are all coming in line with modern developments and using innovative ideas such as the use of cryptocurrency to grow out of merely focusing on their structure and move towards expanding their business to larger horizons. 

The big question for anyone who lacks prior experience in trade through cryptocurrency is which cryptocurrency is the best option for them. It all boils down to how familiar you already are with your digital assets and if you truly take the risk factor into account. One thing to know before we begin investing is that the chances of success and failure are always equal on the scale, it is all about making the right choice for yourself. There are a number of options available for anyone looking to make an investment in cryptocurrencies, 4 most popular and recommended have been highlighted down here:  


Bitcoin is the first name that pops into anyone’s head when it comes to cryptocurrencies, it is the first and probably the most famous one of them all. It accounts for around 45% of the market, and has made a huge name for itself that gives it an edge against lesser known competitors. 

The initial step towards profiting with Bitcoins is to start by trading, something that can easily be done at any time of the day with easy access to apps such as the Bitiq app that give a step by step run through of the entire process. These professional websites help you exchange your local currency into digital currency. You ought to keep check of the charts and the overall situation of the market before investing a significant amount. Focus on the secrets of the trade before making any large investments. 

Investing in Bitcoins is also a way you can really make a significant profit. What really matters is your technique and knowledge of the market, for someone investing towards a long term goal you keep your Bitcoins in a ‘hardware wallet’. This puts your investments in the hands of blockchain developments and other businesses.  

Cosmos (ATOM) 

One of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the last 4-5 years, it has gained exceptional heights in a record period of time. What makes this cryptocurrency stand apart and help you in profiting the most is the fact that it allows you to transfer assets as independent blockchains. 

The Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) allows each investor to communicate the best possible trade with each other resulting in most people profiting on what they invested into the Cosmos. It is an ever expanding system of blockchains that has a promise of growing even more towards a decentralized future.  

Ethereum (ETH) 

When it comes to the goal of decentralizing capital through the internet, Ethereum has made unprecedented efforts towards this target. Their worldwide system of nodes has in essence made one platform for the entire world. The best possible course of action towards profiting with Ethereum is staking. This locks up your assets and with time you gain the interest that comes with the investment. Holding your coins in Ethereum will give you a value for your initial investment in less time than expected, while also making it an easy go to withdraw your money invested at any time. 

The close chain between all investors means that they can easily trade whenever they believe the market value is at its best. The knowledge and experience comes with time and one must wait and hold their investment and wait till the price of the coins is high enough to make a significant profit from.  

Dogecoin (DOGE)  

Something that’s named after a meme reached surprising heights even after it was taken lightly by its competators. What truly made it stand out among all others was the Elon Musk Effect after his tweet suggested it was his favorite crypto. 

This goes out to show you can profit from any cryptocurrency, you just have to wait for the right time and just the right amount of luck. Much like any other currency, with Dogecoin too you must wait for the right time to trade your digital currency. Keep in mind that 2021 has truly been the year for Dogecoin and this is probably the best time to start making small investments. 

Since the rise of cryptocurrencies in around 2009 there is an ever increasing chance for people to invest little money for big profits. The little effort it takes to make a huge amount of money in the comfort of your home has perhaps been the most appealing factor in the rise of cryptocurrency, especially since the rise of Covid. It is all about keeping a close look at the market to evaluate the best cryptocurrency to invest in, since their value can change at any turn.