Ezra Miller Allegedly Takes Control Of An 18-Year-Old Girl

Ezra Miller

The family of an 18-year-old woman claims that Ezra Miller has become a bad influence and a threat to her quality of life, and they want a court to intervene immediately to keep the star away from her.

According to newly obtained court filings by TMZ, in 2016 Miller, then 23 years old, met Tokata Iron Eyes, then twelve years old, while the actor was on vacation on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Parental Tokata claims that their daughter’s life is in danger due to her friendship with Ezra.

Miller, who had a major role in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” reportedly accompanied Tokata on a trip to London in 2017 so that the film fanatic could see the locations where scenes were filmed. Tokata was reportedly 14 years old and Ezra Miller was 25 at the time of the journey.

Ezra Miller Believed To Take Control Tokata Iron Eyes

After their daughter grew close to Ezra Miller, her parents accused him of giving her substances including marijuana, LSD, and alcohol.

Further, they claimed that Ezra was responsible for Tokata’s decision to leave his private Massachusetts institution in December 2021.

Soon after Tokata came home, her parents say, she decided to run away to New York with Ezra and has since been to Hawaii, Vermont, and California. The two were seen on camera at a pub in Hawaii, and the footage was acquired by TMZ.

According to reports, Ezra Miller was detained many times when they were in Hawaii. They were accused of attacking people at a neighborhood tavern, among other things.

Their official statement states, “Tokata, a young teenager, is under Ezra’s control via physical assault, coercion, the threat of actual harm, terror, psychosis, delusions, and narcotics.” Additionally, they allege that Ezra has mandated that Tokata refers to herself only by her former moniker within her close circle of friends and relatives, Gibson.

Although Tokata has self-identified as “non-binary, queer, lesbian,” they say Ezra has decided she is transgender nevertheless.

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