Katie Couric’s Breast Cancer Journey

katie couric
katie couric

Katie Couric, an American journalist who sufferers from breast cancer, shares her awareness as breast cancer awareness day approaches. Previously she had colon cancer just like her husband Jay Monahan, who died at 41 in 1998. And his sister, who suffered from pancreatic cancer and died at 52. Katie has a family history of cancer, and she feels everyone has suffered; why not her?

Katie Couric Shares Her Cancer Story On Instagram

When Katie was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2000, she advised other women to get tested and stay on high alert. Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of the summer, and a lumpectomy was done on July 14th; her first chemotherapy session was on September 7th, 2022.

Katie advised women to get mammograms annually and referred herself to someone late, what can happen to them. And she could have handled things the other way if she had been six months early.

Katie was caught with Colon Cancer before on screen. And she has warned many women before, and this time too, she didn’t sit back but came up and shared her story of breast cancer and how it went. And all this she does because this way, she may save someone’s life.

Katie Couric is so sporting and positive in every way that she shared her chemotherapy journey, saying it looks like she has been sunbathing topless apart from the fact that she feels fine.

Her doctors have mentioned how her biopsy is necessary, and after receiving the news, she felt the room she was in ‘spinning.’ She further shares what would have happened if she was later than just six months.

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