The Majority Of People Are Betting On Tiger Woods After His Heroic Return

tiger woods
tiger woods

The sportsbooks are being poured with money from all over the world in the hope that Tiger Woods will win the 2022 Masters. As this week started, the Caesars Sportsbook was equally filled with bets for Tiger Woods and the other two top contenders Scottie Scheffler and Justin Thomas. 

A Huge Amount Of Betting Money Is Coming For Tiger Woods

The difference in the total bets among these three players was just 16 till this week. However, the gap further increased as Tiger Woods declared that he will tee it up at Augusta National this week. In the words of Max Meyer, the spokesperson for Sportsbook, Tiger Wood is leading by 1000 tickets currently. 

The 2022 Masters will be the first international tournament for Tiger Will after he recovered from his car accident last year in February. He won the Masters five times previously and has a score of 40-1 in the Sportsbook. The PointsBet in the Sportsbook showed that this time Woods has had three times more bets and double money as compared to other players in the tournament. The liability of the Sportsbook on Woods’s success is seven times more than any other golfer. 

In the words of Jay Croucher, in case Tiger wins this tournament, it will impact them the worst. According to Jeffrey Benson, whenever the prop was out up they never want them in clear minds to win it. The motto of this Sportsbook is to survive and not to be killed. In a tweet by Benson, he stated that Circa would have to give up a beautiful house in case Woods win this tournament. 

According to Sherman, Tiger’s return from his serious injuries to play in this tournament gives people the hope that despite all odds, people can still work hard for success. The most favorite players as per the Sportsbook are Thomas and Jon Rahm.

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